Coronavirus Group Running Guidance


In accordance with England Athletics guidance issued on 17th July 2020, running club group road running activities can re-commence providing that any relevant UK government policy and Public Health England (PHE) guidance on social distancing can be observed. This document sets out how Manchester YMCA Harriers' road running club training sessions will be managed in accordance with these conditions.

It is acknowledged that any return to participation in group running activity is entirely a personal decision, and each individual member should carefully consider whether they believe it is safe to do so when making such decision.

Changes to Road Running Training Sessions Following Covid-19 Risk Assessment

  1. Anyone demonstrating symptoms or who suspects that they may be infected should follow Public Health England guidance and self-isolate. Under no circumstances should they attend a session.
  2. Anyone who develops symptoms after a session should immediately inform the Manchester YMCA Harriers' "Covid Coordinator" so that other participants to the session may be informed.
  3. Attendees at a group training session shall be limited to groups of 12 (including one group leader).
  4. The groups shall be made up of specific named attendees which must be recorded and fixed in advance of the session, on a first come, first served basis. Each session will have a simple sign-up system hosted on Doodle to record the attendees to the various groups.
  5. Each session must have a group leader who is familiar with the route. The leader does not need to be a committee member, but without a leader the group will not able to depart and must be cancelled before the session. The leader of each group must therefore also be confirmed in advance of the session.
  6. The meeting points and routes will vary; these will be identified on the individual event listings.
  7. The meeting points for each location shall provide ample space for Public Health England guidance on social distancing to be observed.
  8. Members should not congregate before or after the session, promptly returning home after the run is completed.
  9. The Public Health England guidance on social distancing should be observed, with group participants remaining 2 metres apart at all times; before, during and after the session.
  10. The dynamic warm up which is normally held before the training session will be temporarily suspended to reduce the risk of social contact. Runners should instead arrive prepared and ready to run without delay.
  11. If more than one session is scheduled at the same location on the same day, the departure time of each session shall be staggered by at least 15 minutes.
  12. Members are reminded of the need to exercise vigilance when on runs to avoid contact with other runners and members of the public, at all times.