London Marathon place

Clubs that are affiliated with UK Athletics are entitled to apply for places in the London Marathon; the number of places a club receives depends on how many affiliated members it has.

Important note about our London Marathon place for 2020 and 2021

The Club has not been awarded a London Marathon place for 2020. We believe that we followed the correct procedure to apply for the place, however London Marathon claim to have no record of our application. We realised too late that we had not received the correspondence from London that we were expecting.

In spite of several desperate appeals to the London Marathon organisers - including visiting their offices in person and explaining the implications for the Club and on Ben Watson who the place had been awarded to - the London Marathon chose not to award the Club a place for 2020.

We will apply for a place for the 2021 London Marathon, which we will award to Ben to make up for the disappointment of missing out in 2020. We expect normal service to resume in 2022!

Our normal process for awarding London Marathon places

We expect to be awarded one place for the London Marathon each year, which we invite our members to apply for.

Applications for the Club's London Marathon place should be made to the Club Secretary before the end of November. The Committee will award the place to a member in early December.

As you might expect, demand for the place within the club is high. As such, the Committee award the place on the following basis:

  1. First preference is given to first-claim members who have:

    • Completed that year's Club Summer Championship; and
    • Applied for a London Marathon place in the public ballot and have been rejected.
  2. Second preference is given to first-claim members who have:

    • Completed that year's Club Summer Championship.
  3. Third preference is given to any other first-claim member.
  4. Final preference is given to second-claim members.

Where the Committee receives multiple applications of equal standing, a name will be drawn from a hat.