Thursday 22nd October 2020, 6:30:pm

Group Run
The Y Club
Liverpool Road
M3 4JR

This week's group run will be the Oaklands route, starting from outside the Y Club at 6:30pm on 22nd October.

Different pace and distance groups will be available depending on numbers of attendees, and in accordance with current COVID-19 guidance from England Athletics, we can now remove the limit on attendees as long as we have enough group leaders available, with each leader able to lead sub-groups of 12.

If you do fancy being a group leader, please don't be shy! However, please do ensure that you are super familiar with our coronavirus group running guidance.

The full route is approximately 8-miles. A shorter alternative route will also be available.

Please sign up in advance - with your full name - using the Doodle poll links below:

Important information for group runs during COVID-19 restrictions

While we remain under social distancing restrictions designed to reduce the transmission of coronavirus, groups runs must adhere to the guidance published by England Athletics and Public Health England.

At present, this means:

  • groups are strictly limited to a maximum of twelve participants;
  • you must sign up for the run in advance using the Doodle poll link above; and
  • you agree to abide by the instructions on our coronavirus group running guidance page.

The sessions are intended to be "social" - it is a chance to meet and chat with your club mates who you may not have seen for ages! Therefore, the sessions will be run at a pace that is comfortable for everyone in the group.