2019-20 Cross Country Championship

The 2019-20 Cross Country Championship consists of the five races from the Manchester Area Cross Country League and the four races from the South East Lancs Cross Country League.

You need to complete five of the nine races in order to qualify for the championship.

How standings are calculated

When calculating the standings, the first consideration is an individual's qualification status:

  1. Those who have fulfilled the qualification criteria are ranked highest;
  2. Those who have not fulfilled the qualification criteria but can still do so given the races that remain are ranked next; then
  3. Those who have not and cannot fulfil the qualification criteria are ranked lowest.

The second consideration is the number of points that an individual has, with the lower the number of points, the better. 1 point is awarded for a first-place finish, 2 points are awarded for a second-place finish, 3 points for third and so on. Points are only awarded to qualifiers (and those who can still qualify); the points awarded will be recalculated as the championship progresses. So, if an individual wins a race but then does not complete enough races to qualify, the people finishing behind that person will be shifted up a place.

Where a person has completed more than the requisite number of races needed to qualify, their points score will consist of their best results, with their worst results being discarded. This does not affect the award of points to other runners; the result is only discarded for the individual - it is not discarded when calculating the points awarded to others.

If runners are tied on points, the final consideration is their head-to-head performances - the person with more wins relative to those who they are tied with on points is ranked highest.

If runners cannot be separated by head-to-head performances, the result is adjudged to be a tie.

League standings