Acceleration from a stationary start

Tuesday 28th July 2020, 7:00:pm

Your Local Park
or a wide stretch of pavement
or another suitable location

Session aim/goal

This session will focus on your acceleration technique, specifically we are looking at the work your legs do during acceleration. If you can find a friend to yell "go", you’ll also be working on your reaction skills too.

Target energy system

You will be training your lactic energy system.

Session warm up

Complete your own warm up to get ready for the session. Include some exercises to slowly raise your heart rate appropriate for your level of fitness and the session you're about to follow. Include some dynamic movement to gently increase the range of body movement. Use this time to think about the session, to prepare your mind for exercise and set your intention.

The main body of this session is a little shorter so you can go for an extended warm up if you want. As you’ll be accelerating quickly, make sure you are properly warmed up.

Main session

We don’t need very far for this session, so mark yourself a 1 minute distance, but you probably won’t need it all. Read the full session before picking your spot and marking any distances. This session probably isn’t best on a wet day, so if the weather is poor perhaps have a go at the acceleration within a continuous effort session, switching the focus to legs instead of arms.

  • Rep one is from a standing start - accelerate in a controlled manner over a distance of about 20 to 30 meters. Hold the speed for a few seconds then decelerate in a controlled manner. If you can have someone else to say "go", you’ll be working your reaction technique;
  • Rep two is the same again just to get the feel for it;
  • Rep three this time start from a kneeling position;
  • Rep four, start from a sitting position;
  • Rep five, start lying face down;
  • Rep six, same as five (just for fun);
  • Rep seven, a final rep starting from a standing position again.

Give yourself lots of rest between each rep, you should feel fully recovered before you go again.

Use your strongest leg to push up from the ground and to get started. Focus on keeping your legs working underneath your body. Think about trying to push the ground behind you as you accelerate. Land on the front half (ball) of your foot underneath your body and drive down and back.

Session cool down

Gently bring your heart rate back down. If you wish, include some gentle stretching.


During the cool down take a few moments to think about how the session went.

  • Did you enjoy it?
  • Did you learn anything interesting about your running?
  • How do your legs feel now?
  • If you did this in public, did you get any strange looks?

Information for sessions taking place at the track

To join a session, it is imperative you sign up beforehand as we will need to manage attendance as well as supply the track with a list of attendees prior to the session. Therefore, please sign up for sessions the day before they are due to take place so we can pass these details on. Sign ups will be a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note that members are expected to follow social distancing measures.

Entry is £3 cash only on the door. If you sign up and are unable to attend please let us know. We do not want the place to go to waste, and we do not want Longford Park track to lose out on takings, especially in the current climate.