Summer Track Day Championships at Longford Park

Sunday 7th August 2022, 10:30:am

Longford Park Stadium
Ryebank Road
M21 9TA

We will be holding our annual track championship on Sunday 7th August at Longford Park Stadium. This will consist of 4 events: 100m, 400m, 800m and 1 mile. To qualify for the championship and be included in the final standings you'll need to complete all 4 of these races, and be a member of Manchester YMCA Harriers.

The idea of our Track Day is that it's a fun event, where we try some distances that are a lot shorter than the races we might normally be running in. You won't need any prior experience of track running, or any specific footwear that's different to what you would usually run in.

You'll need to pay £4 cash on the door to use the track.

After the running is finished, we'll go somewhere nearby for food and drinks.

Hope to see you there!